For over 140 seasons, Windermere House is supported by a glorious heritage and a confident view to tomorrow. Originally established in 1870 by Thomas Aitken who ventured to these shores from the Shetland Islands looking for a brighter future in Canada, the original lodging spot was favoured by fishermen. As tourists discovered Muskoka, Windermere House grew to become one of Lake Rosseau's longest ongoing landmark resorts. High times were matched by challenges over the hotel's lifetime, including a devastating fire which destroyed the principal structure during filming of the Hollywood movie The Long Kiss Goodnight. But careful reconstruction, preserving many historical features while modernizing key systems, resulted in a fresh new opening in 1997.

Today, we are poised to set new benchmarks in hospitality with major renovations upgrading virtually every aspect of the resort to enhance the enjoyment our guests experience when staying with us.


Featuring 2,500 square miles of towering pines, granite cliffs, 1,600 sparkling lakes and plentiful rivers and waterfalls, the magnificent Muskoka countryside offers unparalleled scenery and endless recreational activities.

As recently as 150 years ago, Muskoka was only inhabited by Native People. Today, stunning estates dot the larger lakes (of which Lake Rosseau, home to Windermere House, is one) and the principal towns and villages are home to fine shopping, diversified culture, charming artisans and friendly service. It's no wonder Hollywood stars, hockey heroes, artists, poets, writers and captains of industry have made Muskoka their destination of choice. Now, you can do the same at the new Windermere House.

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